Are you dreaming of an All-Inclusive Destination Wedding but don’t know where to start?

Allow us to be your Guide on this LOVE JOURNEY!

Are you short on time? Do you you feel like you never have enough time on your hands?  Do you feel like you are running from one meeting to the next? Do you feel like you are double booked with your children’s recitals and games?  Are you tired of bickering with one another because all the information looks so generic. Are you trying to find an expert to help you sift through all the options the internet throws your way? 

You’re in the right place because my specialty is matching the couple with the destinations and providing a custom experience for you and your guests. I am here to help you survive this time and have a stress free planning process.

I am your Destination Wedding & Romance Concierge. I am the busy professional romance travel hero. You deserve a person that will listen to your vision, dreams, and past travel experiences and create a Magical Love Journey without all the hassle. 

Our process is easy, we do all the heavy lifting, time consuming tasks, and planning leaving you with an unforgettable experience without all the stress. 

We plan destination weddings, vow renewals, honeymoons, romantic getaways and group celebratory trips. We handle choosing the perfect locations in the destinations, coordinating activities, streamlining the logistics while creating an unmatched experience.

How It Works
Let’s plan your DREAM Destination Wedding in 5 EASY steps:

During this time, we will work together and I will put tools in place that make it stress free for you and your guest. 

We get to know you and carefully listen to your wedding ideas during our Free Consultation. 

We provide you with with wedding resort options that match your unique exquisite style and your price point.

Once you have nailed down the resort, we help facilitate the process to confirm the wedding date, room blocks and location & time of ceremony

We assist in notifying your guest through email and provide them with the details to book their rooms under your group. We offer resources for Save the Date & Wedding Websites

We connect you with the event coordinator at your wedding resort to plan the details of your wedding, and we will be there every step of the way.

We help couple just like you

The Busy Couple

Are you a couple that is busy, over-worked, stressed and have more tasks than time?

The Decisive Couple

Are you a couple that have researched the various resorts and packages but stuck at getting started.

The fresh couple

Are you recently engaged, not sure if an all-inclusive destination wedding is for you. You are on the fence and don't have a clue about the location or budget.

The trendy couple

You want that breath-taking wedding that will be talked about for years and years to come. You have a style that is unique and would like to create an innovate out of thebox wedding.

Hi, I am Deanna Moton

….Former Manufacturing Engineer and Production Supervisor turned travel pro.

I remember growing up and always traveling to 2 or 3 family reunions each year. We would travel to New York, Mississippi, Detroit, Memphis and many other locations. I fell in love exploring the various restaurants, activities, beaches, museums and of course shopping areas. 

After I grew up, I began planning these family reunions ranging from 60 to 100 guests. I loved researching the different locations, selecting authentic local cuisine and nightlife for the adults. 

I am a planner by nature and group travel is my “LOVE”. I fell in love with romance travel during the pandemic. During that year not being able to go to the beach, fly to another country, or experience that authentic cuisine had me reminiscing on the vacations me and my husband had at the Bahamas, Caribbean cruise, Cancun, Florida and New Orleans. I really missed the romance and thrill of exploring something new. 

Love is Love and I thrive on helping couples rekindle their romance or by starting a new chapter with family and friends.

Armour Takes 10 Year Vow Renewal

"Happy Stories"

I booked my trip with Tranquil Travel Service. Shout out to Deanna Moton who was knowledgeable throughout the entire experience. (I've know her since college and wouldn't expect anything less:) Creating new & fun memories is the way to go 🙂
Toya Mac
RIU Santa Fe- Cabo San Lucas
The wedding at beaches was one of the most beautiful weddings we've been to. Wedding and reception was facing the ocean. There was a smores bar at the end! Just wonderful! Take me back
Jessie B
Beaches Turks & Caicos
Everyone has their priorities and preferences when planning a trip. When choosing a travel agent, I want someone who will caterer to how I travel versus what most tourists like or want to see. That's why I chose tranquil travel. Deanna listens to your wants and needs as a traveler and seeks accommodations that will best fit you. When booking my stay in Berlin, Germany, she was attentive to my desire to stay amongst local community members and my need to be near a fresh market. If you are in the mood to travel but do not like the hassle of booking, let tranquil travel handle the booking, and you bring the suitcase.
Berlin, Germany

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