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Hey, we all know how to book travel with just a click of a button. They have resorts, flights, hotels, and excursions right at the tip of our finger. While you are on the internet you can get an overwhelming amount of information, mixed reviews and of course some deceiving information. 

Think about it. Have you gone to a hotel and the pictures look nothing like the actual hotel?

You can even run onto issues that you may not think of such as COVID-19 protocols, cleanliness protocols, current programs that are in place, etc. 

The thought of planning a trip, inviting your family and friends, handling payments and etc. may deter you from actually inviting your close family and friends. 

Do you realize why you should book with a travel agent

#1 We get to know you!

Travel agents get learn things about their clients such as their likes, dislikes, previous places you traveled,  accommodations level, things that are necessities or deal breakers and so much more. 

#2. Travel Agents will read all of the FINE little print for your flight and hotel reservations

Know when are you supposed to check-in for your flight , be at the airport with enough time to get through security, check-in and check out times
of the hotel, and other small print fees that you might miss out on.
A travel agent will give you all the important details that you must know, so you know when and where
you have to be. All you have to do is focus on getting there on time.

#3. Travel Agents will provide you with the information to secure protection for your trip

If you aren’t able to make it for whatever reason since you are booking months in advance, a travel agent will make sure that you get a full refund. This is the beauty of trip protection or insurance because again you can’t control life and things happen. Plans change and that’s okay. A travel agent will help you get your money back.

Those are the things that a true travel agent professional such as myself can handle for you.

As a professional travel agent, I can do all the heavy lifting. I can help take the stress away by planning,
organizing, comparing prices for flights and hotel accommodations, and booking your trip for you. All
you have to worry about is getting to your final destination to enjoy yourself!

Leave the world behind, relax, and create new memories with those who matter most to you that you will
cherish forever.

Schedule your consultation! Don't get overwhelmed. We are here to help!

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